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Know the Signs

Many parents and guardians can easily overlook the signs of day care abuse. The only way to know for sure is to seek professional help from medical and legal professionals, but there are signs that you can look for to catch abuse early.

Warning Signs of Abuse

There's No Time To Waste

If you suspect your child has been abused at day care, seek medical attention immediately, then contact a day care abuse attorney. Memories fade and evidence can get lost, so we have to act fast. It costs nothing to get a professional consultation

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Best, Watson & Gilbert Daycare Abuse Attorneys

texas day care abuse law firmWas your Child Abused or Injured Daycare?

Day care workers, nannies teachers are tasked with taking care of your child. Most parents blindly trust that the people in charge of their child's care are trustworthy trained professionals. Unfortunately that's not always the case. If your child comes home with bruises and cuts or displaying emotional symptoms of abuse you need to take immediate action.

Parents of children abused while at daycare need legal representation to ensure they and their shield get the full restitution they deserve. Just like with a vehicles, most day care facilities carry insurance to financially protect them in the event of a lawsuit. however, these million dollar insurance policies are protected by aggressive insurance agents who's only job is to save their company form having to pay any more than absolutely necessary. The Day Care Abuse Attorneys at Best Watson and Gilbert are ready to pursue fair compensation for your child and your family. During these emotional times, you need an advocate at your side. While your trust in a daycare center has been violated, place your trust in us to ensure that justice is served on behalf of your child.

Seeking Justice for You and Your Child

While the governmental authorities are trying the accused daycare child abusers in criminal court, we will pursue the day care through civil court. We begin by getting the facts of the case as you know it then work with local law enforcement, witnesses and experts to fully investigate the issues and bring all the details to light.

Criminal action by local authorities is necessary to punish the offenders and show other their behavior will not be tolerated. In addition to criminal charges against abusive daycare workers, the civil courts should also be brought in. The abusive nanny or daycare worker and more importantly the day care or agency they work for put your child in a horrible position that may require physical medical treatment in the short term and psychological treatment for months or even years after the abuse occurs. Someone must be held accountable for the financial burden of these treatments. In addition to doctor, counselor, and other medical bills, there is an aspect of pain and suffering that may never be cured.

Holding Daycare Centers Accountable for Child Abuse

No amount of money can make you or your child forget about abuse from someone who was trusted to provide care. However, the daycare or nanny agency and those who committed violent acts against your child must be held responsible. Unfortunately there is nothing the offending day care workers can to repair the damage on your child, but the day care can and must at least financially support any medical treatment, ongoing therapy and compensation for the emotional scars that may never heal.

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